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Since moving to Los Angeles in 2005 Daniel Nelson has been at the forefront of the cocktail revolution. His cocktails complement the best Los Angeles cuisine. Working in two Michelin star restaurants (Spago, Providence) Nelson has created a repertoire of “cocktails containing ingredients even seasoned barmen use sparingly”. Nelson was asked to be a judge for the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition in 2006.  The competition gives him unique insight into the spirits market every year.

In 2008 Daniel began working at The Doheny in downtown Los Angeles. In the last year and a half Nelson’s cocktails have won awards from both Citysearch and Metromix. They have appeared in the LAWeekly, LATimes, Playboy, TimeOutNY and others. His accessible fresh approach to cocktails continues to push the envelope for exciting libations. Nelson is routinely asked to educate bartenders, and consumers, throughout SoCal and the USA. He has extensive relationships with many premium luxury spirits. Nelson currently serves as head of education for Hillside Wines & Spirits. In this new, you’ll can find all mixologist advices for our products.


1 part armagnac
1 part Cointreau
1 part lemon juice

Veaux carre

Dash of peach bitters
Dash of orange bitters
Barspoon drambuie
1 part sweet vermouth
2 parts armagnac

Golden Road

2 oz Bache Cognac
3/4 Oz Barenjager
1.5 Oz Grapefruit
Muddled Thyme

Joy Porcini Side Car

2 oz Joy Armagnac
1 Oz Porcini Infused
Orange Liquor
1 Oz Lemon Dash
Simple Syrup

Tommy’s margarita

Juice of one lime
Barspoon agave syrup
2 oz silver riAzul

Smooth Grooves Manhattan

2 oz The Smooth Gentlement Scotch
1 Oz Gewurztraminer
Vermouth Bitters
Served Up


Dash orange bitters
Dash rose water
Juice of one lime
1 oz OJ
3/4 oz St Germain
2 oz RiAzul Repo
Top Ginger beer